Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

As each days past the competition in business environment is increasing as a result business are searching for innovative ways for marketing their products. In loop code we provide the most effective way to increase your business through search engine marketing. Everyone is familiar with search engine and whenever a product or service is being searched by a customer then the paid advertisement is shown in the search engine page in front of potential customer this is known as search engine marketing. The most important benefit that is obtained through search engine marketing is that your ads are placed in front of potential customers who are ready and willing to buy the product immediately.

We are one of the leading agencies in the field of search engine marketing and our cross channel expertise and innovative technologies will ensure that your products meets customer when and where they search for it. Every business out there are paying to be at the right place at right time but to be there is the key and for that you need to take the assistance of our consultants at loop code. Further benefit that you will receive by taking our search engine marketing service is the recognition among customer because of our brand. We at loop code have certified Google experts who has the required expertise and will provides the best guidance about the world leading search engine . we are also Yahoo Bing network partner as a result we could provide the best targeted adds for your business. Mainly the services that we provide are keyword research , pay per click campaign management, pay per click ad creation, pay per click bid management, landing page consultation, multi variant testing, pay per click localisation, pay per click optimisation.

We provide cross channel reporting so that effectiveness of search engine marketing could be analysed. At loop code we provide the best and effective service at affordable price. We continuously monitor your search engine ranking and we put the SEM bidding accordingly so that you are always at the top.

Take advantage of our search engine marketing services, which include:

  • Google AdWords™

    Our Certified Google Experts will help you gain more exposure on the world’s leading search engine.

  • Yahoo! Bing Network

    As a Yahoo! Bing Network partner, we can create a targeted ad campaign so your business stands out.

Our Services include

  • Keyword research
  • PPC Campaign mapping / Campaign management
  • PPC Ad creation
  • PPC Bid management
  • Landing page consultation
  • Multi-variant testing
  • PPC Localization
  • PPC Optimization