In the rapidly evolving ad tech industry, publishers have an increasing number of options to maximize their inventory and advertisers have newer ways of targeting. Today the online advertising marketplace has so many diverse entities like ad networks, DSPs, SSPs, platform specific ad servers, audience targeting platforms and these players are providing competitive services like PMP, retargeting, programmatic, native advertising, etc. It’s a time consuming and costly affair for publishers to keep up to date and harness the available choices.

Outsourcing Adops is a most preferable option amongst many publishers. Some of the benefits are:

Time: Most of the Adops agencies will provide you with a dedicated team which will help you to execute your campaigns and manage your ad servers. The publisher in house team can invest more time on the strategic part once the execution part is outsourced.

Cost Effective: Your in house Adops team is too expensive on your pockets. Outsourcing the adops will give you a team with better expertise, round the clock support and you will get maximum ROI from your Adops.

Lesser TAT: Trying to find the right solution for an issue can be very time consuming. Adops agencies have this expertise as they work with multiple publishers and might have already faced and resolved the similar kind of issue. Also they are well equipped with technology and know exactly what they should talk to support guys and make sure to find a workaround.

Partner Management: Dealing with multiple partners and working on multiple UIs can be really a hectic job. Adops agencies have good understanding of most the UI, it’s working and algorithms. Outsourcing this ensures seamless communication and timely results across partners.

Yield Optimization: They understand PMP, DSPs, Ad Networks very well. They know whom to give the first look, how to stack up your inventory in order to get the maximum value for your inventory.

Last but not the least, most of the Ad ops agencies also might connect you with more direct advertisers and help maintain the relationships with them.

Have you outsourced your ad ops yet?