DFP Training


DoubleClick connects the right people, in the right moments, to make digital advertising work the best. It is a subsidiary of Google which develops and provides internet ad serving services. Its client includes agencies, marketers, and publishers who serve customers like MICROSOFT, GENERAL MOTORS, PEPSICO, MOTOROLA etc. A big bash company in online advertising arena, the company has headquarters in New York City, United States of America.


This is an online advertising service on a cross – platform operating system which serves as an advertisement software as a service application run by Google. It can be used as a server but it also provides a variety of useful features for managing the sales process of online ads using publisher’s dedicated sales team. If the publisher not sells out their entire available inventory, it can choose to run either other ad networks or AdSense ads as remnant inventory in DoubleClick for Publishers.
Regarding its working, webmaster inserts Google Publisher Tag JavaScript code into the webpage. Each time the page is visited, the code creates an IFrame, DFP decides which campaign to win and delivers the creative to the IFrame.

Regarding the type of ads, DFP normally works in two types on ads:
• Priority – Based on time / duration.
• CPM – based on price.

For priority based type, the following types of ads can be set. They are: Standard type, Premium type and Exclusive type. The details of each one of them is taught by us in our



Through our DFP training, we impart knowledge among the people and the students about the use of DFP in the ads world. How DoubleClick is helpful in serving their needs and what are various ways in which DFP could help both the publishers and the advertisers in reaching their set of targets. Once our rigorous scope of DFP training is complete, online publishers can make money through various channels and small business parties can also hold up their growing business to the path of success.