Campaign Managment

LoopCode has a team of dedicated and experienced ad operations executives that can handle your trafficking needs quickly and accurately. With an extremely responsive team that works to ensure that your campaigns launch on time and without errors, we are the team of choice for a lot of top online media companies.  Our team works on and has expertise in the following:

Ad Servers: DFA, Atlas, MediaMind, Pointroll, Eyewonder, DFP (Small Biz and Enterprise), App Nexus, Right Media, OpenX, AdTech, OAS, Tribal Fusion, Adap.TV, Ad Marvel and other proprietary systems.

Campaign management & Optimization play a crucial role in attaining the optimal campaign performance. The campaigns should be monitored at multiple levels; most common being site optimization, creative optimization and audience management. Media Mint has a very experienced campaign optimization team that understands the campaign goals and is able to manage campaigns effectively through constant monitoring and making changes after due statistical data considerations.

As the complexities grow and multiple ad servers involved, discrepancies are a painful reality of ad operations. As a team, we understand the dynamics of ad server counts and able to effectively report and resolve impression and click discrepancies. Using business intelligence tools, we are able to report definitive thresholds for management and appropriate tweaking to work within advertiser guidelines.