High Quality Inventory

YOAAP works with some of the best premium publishers operating in the industry. We carefully screen our publishers and inventory on offer to insure the best brand-effect on the user for you. With our portfolio of premium publishers from across the world, we connect you to some of the best ad-space available in the world. Millions of impressions to choose from; Our publishers generate quality content relevant to a humongous audience and which is conducive for a plethora of branding campaigns. With such a diversity of audience eyeballing our publishers’ content (and probably your ads too), you stand a chance to get the best and optimum ROI for your ads served on our inventory.

Road Blocks For A Powerful Branding

Capturing your target audience’s un-diverted attention is essential in convincing them to go for your brand. You need a major chunk of the users’ viewable impressions to yourself. Roadblocks help you get that, and we help you buy Roadblocks! Buy yourself access to some of the most premium first look inventory available out there with YOAAP. We help you facilitate your guaranteed deals as well as the non-guaranteed ones with the best of premium publishers.

Latest Ad Units For An Intutive Ad

Apart from the regular IAB banner inventory which makes up for a large chunk of the display market, our premium publishers host special ad-units such as native, video, interstitial amongst others. These ad-units are proven to be grossly more impactful than the conventional banner inventory. YOAAP helps you buy these most intuitive ad-slots from its inventory pool across all platforms such as desktop, mobile and tablet. With YOAAP, grab your opportunity to have a first look of the most yielding inventory!


We screen our publishers thoroughly before we onboard them. We realize that for an advertiser to make an impact of their brand, the Viewability is more important than the number of times their ad has been served to the same user. We choose publishers who host very engrossing and captivating content. For we understand that the user shall certainly see the ad and the page only if they like the content. Apart from this, we also go through the publisher’s ad-unit positioning ensuring greater chances of the ad’s Viewability.

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