DFP, AppNexus, OpenX, AdX, PubMatic, Rubicon and many more..

Ad Server Management - End to End

Ad Trafficking & Everything around it...

Site, Tagging, Campaign setup

Troubleshooting on and off page Ad issues

Inventory Management (Guaranteed/Remnant)

SSP/ Exchange Partner Management


Ad Operations

We at YOAAP strongly believe that publishers should be focusing on the content and driving more traffic to the website and let us handle the Ad Ops for you. With our expertise in Ad Operations, we can assure you flawless execution of trafficking with no loss of revenue.

We can help you choose the right programmatic partners, waterfall models, Ad servers etc. Our tried and tested measures will help you gain more returns on available traffic than ever before. We possess the diverse group of technology professionals staffed with experts in multiple fields and platforms to take your company to the center of excellence. We understand the need of changes as nothing stays for a long time and our team promotes changes and disruption as and when required.

Outsourced Ad Ops

Are you spending more time and money on your ad operations?

Whether you are a publisher, a network or an agency, we can help you with Ad Operations, which is a critical part of your business. Outsourcing your Ad Ops to YOAAP allows you to cut down your overhead and concentrate on your core business. We also help you strengthen your strategy by providing valuable input based on our experience and expertise.

YOAAP is the ultimate partner you need to enrich your business. YOAAP’s proficiency of ad trafficking services include technical consulting, creative troubleshooting, and assurance testing to ensure ads run flawlessly. Our company is a front-runner in executing digital ads, with placements trafficking competitively every month. Extensive experience in the field has yielded technical expertise in all the major ad serving and rich media technologies. We are well versed in DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), DFP Small business, Doubleclick for Advertisers (DFA), OpenX, and more!

  • Setting up Campaigns as per IO’s
  • Creative and 3rd party tags – testing and uploading
  • Site Tagging based on the Ad Server
  • Campaign Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Screen-shots & Reporting
  • On-boarding Publishers and Advertisers
  • Setting campaigns as per Insertion Orders
  • Passback implementation
  • Managing Waterfall sequences
  • Publisher and Advertiser revenue reporting
  • Helping the Ad-Network in their sales strategy
  • Setting up Campaigns as per Media Plans
  • Creative testing and uploading
  • Sending tags to respective Party (Publishers & Networks)
  • Creating Floodlight and Universal tags
  • Campaign and creative modifications